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The Not-So-Crazy Canuk Podcast

The Not-So-Crazy Canuk EP017

The Not-So-Crazy Canuk Podcast EP017: Wally Hunter on Energy Tech and how changing attitudes are good for Business and for the Environment

Episode Description: Welcome to Episode 17 of The Not-So-Crazy Canuk Podcast. My guest today, on the Not-so-crazy Canuk, is Wally Hunter, a Managing Director of Enertech Capital, a leader in the energy technology space.  Wally has come up through the ranks in the venture capital arena, starting at RBC and then founding Enertech.  In both

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The Not-So-Crazy Canuk EP014

The Not-So-Crazy Canuk Podcast EP014: John De Goey on passive investing

Episode Description: Welcome to Episode 14 of The Not-So-Crazy Canuk Podcast. Today we have John DeGoey as our guest. He is the author of the book STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry: Protecting Yourself from Well-Intended but Oblivious Advisors. We will ask John the following questions and his answers will help you understand why he

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