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Welcome to the CIC – Canadian Investors Course!

Learn how the Canadian Investors Course works.

The Dow “Small Dogs”, a Proven, Rules-based Investment Strategy

Learn about the DOW 30 index and a strategy that usually out-performs it

Is Canada’s most popular Investment Portfolio about to Punch You in the Face?

Learn about the perils of a Balanced Portfolio in a rising interest rate environment and what to do about it.

Take the CIC – Canadian Investors Course!

Here is your chance to take the investment course that has helped hundreds of everyday people become much better investors, in person!

Learn about Bail-in Bonds

Bail-in Bonds are a new type of Bond which will become an important part of the Canadian investment landscape going forward. You need to understand...


Bank Mortgage Insurance vs Term Life Insurance Policy

How do I know if I have a Good Advisor

Discover the 4 key questions to ask your advisor

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