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Connecting Advisors and Investors

Learn the 10 questions investors should be asking themselves about their advisor AND the 10 reasons why all investors need a good advisor.

Canadian Investors Course

CIC (Canadian Investors Course) is an online, in-depth introduction to the world of investing.

The Dusmet Report

Discover insights on some key developments relevant to your investments and stay Up-to-date on the latest from LWP.

Hope not a strategy

Faith Based Investor??

Discover a few "tricks of the trade" and train yourself to be a more savvy investor. Learn how to avoid being a "Faith Based Investor"!

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How Big is Your Stack?

Understanding what motivates your Investment Advisor With respect to accumulating Wealth, most people rely on advice from somewhere. Very few people invest successfully on their own, absent any advice, consultation or some kind of team effort. If you work with an advisor of some kind, the first question at the front of their mind, about

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