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Are you a “Faith Based Investor”?

Here are the top ten ways to find out!

10. In the 90s you were an AIC fan: you enjoyed “Buy, Hold and Prosper” (until in the 2000s you didn’t)

9. You are comfortable to “set and forget” your asset allocation program for 5 years or more at a time

8. Most of your portfolio is in Balanced Mutual funds

7. You want to be fully invested at all times “so that your money is always working for you”

6. When you opened your account, you answered questions leading to a “pie chart” assessment of your risk profile

5. You are comfortable with the “pie chart” process, resulting in fixed Income dominating your investment portfolio

4. You are comfortable being fully invested heading into a downturn in the markets

3. You accept that “this is a long term game” and you are comfortable “staying with the plan” – as is, and waiting out a market recovery

2. You are “keeping the faith” because “timing the markets is a fool’s errand”

1. You have not seen how Rules Based Investing works

If you relate to 6 or more of these points you have been encouraged to be a “Faith Based Investor”.

If 8 or more of these points describes you, you have become a “Faith Based Investor”.

If you are NOT comfortable with these “10 ways”, learn more about Rules Based Investing by entering your postal code HERE.

Want to learn more? Watch the videos below!


Don’t be a Faith Based Investor! Find out if this is you

Why Faith Based Investing is a Failing Strategy (and how to avoid it)

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