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Here is a Simple Rules-Based Investment Strategy: The “Small Dogs Portfolio”

Well we are always on about using rules-based investment strategies and investing in the Dow Dogs is certainly one of those.  Also, its really simple!  You do not need an MBA to implement this strategy. Curious? Well lets start with what is the “Dow 30”?  The Dow 30 is a group of stocks which make […]

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Using Technical Analysis as a tool in a Rules-based Investment Strategy

   Using Technical Analysis as a tool in a Rules-based Investment Strategy A rules-based investment strategy acknowledges that the markets (and individual securities) make constant movements in price and uses methodical tools to monitor those price movements to identify trends and take advantage of them to improve long-term returns.  The best rules-based strategies help the […]

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6 Key Considerations for a Business Owner Who Wants to Retire

Retiring; Exiting via Sale, Succession or Winding-Up. The proverbial question is always “How Much Do I Need To Retire On”? How Big of A Stack Do You Need? There are a couple of ways of looking at this.  If you retire at age 65 and live for 35 more years, the Rule of 72 says […]

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How Big is Your Stack?

Understanding what motivates your Investment Advisor With respect to accumulating Wealth, most people rely on advice from somewhere. Very few people invest successfully on their own, absent any advice, consultation or some kind of team effort. If you work with an advisor of some kind, the first question at the front of their mind, about […]

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