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Local Wealth Professionals was created to help investors get better informed and find the answers to the following 4 questions:

  1. Am I with the right advisor?
  2. Are the investments I have in my portfolio suitable for my needs?
  3. Does my advisor have the necessary qualifications and licensing to give me access to all the different investment options available to me?
  4. Am I paying the right fee for the service I am getting? (Another way of asking this is: do I understand my fees?)

One of the most disturbing changes which is occurring in the investment business today is how the investment firms are encouraging the distancing of the advisor from the investments.  The firms want their advisors to be always more efficient.

Of course, one of the best ways to improve efficiency it to automate a process… So… welcome to packaged investment solutions – either using in-company managers to develop and manage proprietary “model portfolios” which the advisors could place in client accounts or by using some form of mutual funds models – where the advisor could put the investments on “autopilot”, leaving most of the actual management of the investments to outside managers.

These types of solutions certainly free up advisor time to concentrate on client relationship management…. And this sounds great – on the surface…

But how does it sound to you?

  • Is this what you hoped for?
  • Is this a fair service for the fees you pay?
  • How will this kind of portfolio strategy manage big swings in the markets?

Note that in most cases, these strategies ignore market fluctuations.  They rely on buying and holding the selected portfolio through the ups and downs of the markets, on the premise that the ‘markets always go up over time’.

Well, it’s true. History tells us that the markets do, in fact, seem to always go up “over time”…

But the big question is: will the market’s view of “over time” be in “overtime” for you?  In other words, will your timing needs match those of the market?

Then, the next big question is: is there an alternative?

Answering these “big” questions was why Local Wealth Professionals was created:

www.localwealthprofessionals.com is all about empowering investors by educating them:

  • We will educate you on how investment professionals select their investments
  • We will show you how to create a “rules based” investment strategy
  • We will explain to you what all the terms used in the investment industry mean
  • We will show to you how all the various managed investment products work and how advisors get paid for them
  • We will describe to you how advisors get paid for the different services they offer
  • We will explain how different levels of licensing can restrict your advisor in terms of the strategies they can offer

You can find all these explanations – and more – in the CIC course available to you for free on this website…

Next, there is a Forum where you can voice your thoughts and questions and interact with other INVESTORS

Also, you can connect with a Local Wealth Professional near you:

Put your postal code in the Postal Code Locator here and you will receive a name and contact information for a Local Wealth Professional for your area.  Then, YOU make the first contact with the advisor.  Your email address will be retained by the site administrator ONLY to be used to solicit your feedback on your advisor experience.

Local Wealth Professionals are all familiar with the content of the website and embrace its 3 core values:

  1. The client’s needs come before the Advisor’s needs
  2. Rules based investing makes sense and the Local Wealth Professionals are equipped to put it to use.
  3. Fees will be completely transparent and fair for the services offered

There is a monthly newsletter as well, called The Dusmet Report Wealth Protector which you can request separately here and will come to you by email. Of course, you will always have the ability to unsubscribe.  Your email address kept for this purpose will be in a separate database.

Over time third party articles will be posted on the website too to improve our offering, in a reciprocal relationship with other bloggers.

We hope you enjoy our course and the articles we post.  They are intended to be for your education and entertainment and are not to be construed as any form of investment advice.  Any examples we offer are illustrations to clarify the information provided and should not be applied in real case situations without consulting with a competent investment professional.

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